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Molecular Sieve

  The molecular sieve is a crystal aluminosilicate. With the uniform pore size and great specific surface area, it is provided with as many outstanding advantages as listed below:
The selective adsorption according to the different molecular size and shape, i.e. to adsorb the molecules smaller than the pore size of molecular sieve only;
The selective adsorption of small polar molecules and unsaturated molecules, and its selective adsorbability is greater in case of the greater polarity and unsaturation;
The enormous water absorption. It maintains a high water absorbing capacity even at a high temperature, high air velocity and lower water content.
Now the products that have been put into production for industrial use mainly include 3A, 4A, 5A, 10X, 13X and copper molecular sieves.

1. 3A Molecular Sieve
(1) product Description
Usually the pyrolysis gas contains 400 to 700 PPm moisture that will be frozen in cryogenic separation, and at a high pressure and low temperature, the white crystal of hydrocarbon mixture will be generated from water and low carbon paraffin hydrocarbon (e.g. CH4, C2H6 and C3H8, etc.). In addition, the crystal of ice and hydrocarbon mixture will also lead to the blocking of pipeline or equipment, resulting in the shutoff of the system. In such a case, the petroleum pyrolysis gas must be deeply dehydrated and dried prior to the cryogenic separation so that the moisture in pyrolysis gas could be reduced to less than 5 PPm (i.e. its dew point is lower than TMP -60 ). Now, the best deep drying adsorbent that is commonly used and generally recognized at home and abroad is 3A zeolite molecular sieve. Since it adsorbs only the moisture present in pyrolysis gas and not the larger hydrocarbon molecules (e.g. C3H6, C2H4,C3H8 and C3H6 etc.), it can prevent the coking of olefin compound within the pore canal of molecular sieve and prolong the service life of adsorbent.

(2) Main Technical Conditions of 3A Strip Molecular Sieve

Item φ1.5-1.7 φ3.0-3.3
High-class Ist-grade Qualified High-class Ist-grade Qualified
Abrasion loss ,N/≥ 20.0 18.5 15.0 20.0 18.5 15.0
Bulk density ,%≥
20.0 19.0 20.0 19.0
Grain size,%≤
98.0 94.0 90.0 98.0 90.0 80.0
Static water adsorption,T/m3 0.64 0.60 0.55 0.64 0.60 0.55
Compressive strength,%≤ 0.25 0.55 0.50 0.60 0.80 1.00
Static ethylene adsorption,mg/g≤  3.0
Water content in package % ≤ 1.5

(3)Technical Conditions of 3A Spherical Molecular Sieve

Item φ1.5-1.7 φ3.0-3.3
1st-grade Qualified 1st-grade Qualified
Abrasion loss,%≥ 20.0 15.0 20.0 19.0
Bulk density,T/m3
0.68 0.60 0.68 0.60
Grain size,%≤
96.0 95.0 96.0 95.0
Static water adsorption,%≤ 0.40 0.60 0.40 0.60
Compressive strength ,N/≥ 44.0 59.0
Static ethylene adsorption,mg/g≤  3.0
Water content in package % ≤ 1.5
(4) Typical applications:
● Dehydration of many kinds of liquids (say ethanol).
● Dehydration of air.
● Dehydration of refrigerant.
● Dehydration of natural gas or methane.
● Dehydration of cracked gas ,ethylene , propylene or butadiene.

2. 4A Molecular Sieve
(1) product Description
The pore size for 4A molecular sieve is 4A. It is mainly used to adsorb water, methanol, ethanol, sulfureted hydrogen, carbon dioxide, ethylene, propylene, does not adsorb any larger molecular than 4A, and offen used as desiccant in industrials.
(2) Main Technical Conditions of 4A Molecular Sieve (Spherical)

Index φ1.5-1.7 φ3.0-3.3
First grade Qualified First grade Qualified
Abrasion ratio,%≥ 21 20 21 20
Bulk density,g/ml>=
0.66 0.60 0.66 0.60
Granularity,% >=
30 25 70 50
Static water sorption,% >= 0.40 0.60 0.40 0.60
Crushing strength,((N/particle)>= 88 85 88 85
Water content in package =< 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5

(2) Typical applications:
● Deep drying of air, natural gas , alkane and refrigerant.
● Generation and purification of argon.
● Static dehydration of electronic element, pharmaceutical and unstable materials.
● Desiccant for paint, dope and foul etc.

3. 5A Oxygenating (Oxygen-enriching) Molecular Sieve
(1) product Description
Application: As a high-efficient adsorbent of oxygen and nitrogen separation in the field of air separating oxygenation, and the oxygen generated can be controlled from 50% to 90% in purity.

(2) Main Technical Index


Bulk density Static water sorpion Crushing strength Coefficient of O2, N2 separating Remaining value of O2, N2, (ml/g) Abrasion ratio Water content in package
≥T/m3 ≥% ≥N O2 N2 ≤% ≤%
Spherica φ2-3 0.66 21 25 2.40-2.75 2.6 8.0 ≤0.50 ≤1.5
φ4-6 0.62 21 50 ≤0.50 ≤1.5

4. 5A Dewaxing Molecular Sieve
(1) product Description
Application: Extensively applied in the separation of normal paraffin hydrocarbon (dewaxing) in petroleum and its distillate. The dewaxed petroleum products are of the superior property similar with aviation kerosene at a low freezing point, and the separated normal paraffin hydrocarbon (paraffin wax) can be supplied as the chemical material of synthetic detergent.

(2) Main Technical Index



Bulk densityg g/ml >= Static water sorption % >= Crushing strength,
N/mm2/particle >=
Abrasion ratio,% n-Hexane sorption, (P/ps=0.1% <= Water content in package,% <=
Strip φ3-5 0.60 21 22 0.55 ≤20% 1.5
Ball φ4-6 0.62 21 60 0.5 ≤12% 1.5

5. 13X Molecular Sieve
(1) product Description
Application: For the desulfurization (H2S, SO2, mercaptan and thiophene) of petroleum gas and natural gas, and it is also a good drying agent.

(2) Main Technical Index


Bulk density Static water sorption Abrasion ratio Crushing strength
Benzene sorption Removal of SO2% Removal ofH2S% Water content in package
Strip φ1.6ⅹ(3-8) 0.56 23 0.5 20 180 24.2 30.5 35.3 9.2 18.1 28.0 1.5
Ball φ4-6 0.60 16 0.5 23 0.5

(3) Typical applications:
● Purification and removal of H2O and CO2 .
● Dehydration and desulfuration of nature gas , liquid petrol gas and liquid alkane.
● Deep dry of common gases.
(4) Note: φ1.5 to 1.7 mm strip molecular sieve means the sample with a strip length of 1 to 6 mm as its nominal length;
φ3.0 to 3.3 mm strip molecular sieve means the sample with a strip length of 2 to 9 mm as its nominal length.

6.13X Air-separating Molecular Sieve
(1) product Description
Application: For an extremely high efficient purification of unstripped oxygen and nitrogen in the air in the air separation industry, able to thoroughly eliminate the small amount of CO2 and H2O in the air which affects the oxygen and nitrogen separation, it is a special adsorbent necessary in the air separation industry.

Main Technical Index:

sizeIndexItem Bulk density>= g/ml CO2
sorption>= %
H2O sorption>= % Abrasion ratio<= % Crushing strength >= N/stripN/particle Water content in package, %
Strip φ1.6ⅹ(3-8) 0.58 16 23 0.5 20 1.5
Ball φ4-6 0.60 16 23 0.5 20 1.5

7. Cu-13X Molecular sieve
Application: Mainly used to eliminate the minute amount of organic sulfur (thiaalcohol) in aviation kerosene.

Main Technical Index:


Bulk density>= g/ml Static water sorption %(weight) Crushing Strength>= N/strip/Nparticle Abrasion ratio, <= %(Weight) Cu content, <= %(weight) Benzene sorption,>= mg/g
Strip φ1.5-1.9 0.50 23 20 0.5 1.5-1.9 180
φ3.0-3.3 0.50 23 35 0.5 1.5-1.9 180

The Cu-13X molecular sieve can be used in the desulfurization of aviation kerosene under the following technological conditions:
The temperature is higher than 130℃;
2 to 3 Kg/cm2 in pressure;
4 h-1 at air velocity.
(1)The nominal length of φ1.5 to 1.7 mm strip molecular sieve is 4 to 12 mm;
The nominal length of φ3.0 to 3.3 mm strip molecular sieve is 6 to 14 mm.
(2)The water content in package refers to that before delivery from manufacturer.

8. 10X Molecular Sieve
Application: Mainly used in the adsorption and separation of aromatic hydrocarbon and refining of paraffin wax.
Main technical Index:

size Index Item

Bulk density>= g/ml Static water sorption %(weight) Crushing strength,≤N/mm/N/Particle Abrasion ratio <= %(Weight) Benzene sorption≥mg/g Water content in package,≤%(weight)
Strip φ5 0.58 16 23 0.5 20 1.5
Ball φ4-6 0.60 16 23 0.5 60 1.5

9. Recycling Conditions of Molecular sieve
250 to 320℃at inlet temperature of adsorption tower, greater than or equal to 150℃at outlet temperature of adsorption tower;
The recycled gas must be dry and free from the components to be adsorbed by molecular sieve (the dry nitrogen is recommended);
The duration of regeneration is only 3 to 4 hours at a constant temeperature;
The recycled gas is often used to cool down the bed for a standby use.
10. Ordering Information
The molecular sieve is of great absorptivity. To keep it in a dry place and avoid exposure to the air. In case of the occurrence of moisture absorption due to a long-term storage, to recycle before used and its property won’t be changed;
It is recommended to use the solution of PH=7 or 11 in case of A or X type molecular sieve, and the operating temperature should not exceed 600℃, otherwise it will lose its activity;
The Corporation would like to manufacture the special molecular sieve to the request of user;
If the user encounters the possible difficulties in operation, the Corporation may dispatch the technical personnel for a on-the-spot service.


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